Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary, J-Land!!!!

Even though J-Land doesn't TECHNICALLY exist anymore... it will always live on in our hearts.

I was only a member of J-Land for the last 2 years (or so) of it's existence, but I made some real friends there.... people that are an important part of my life, still.

It broke my heart when J-land ended, I thought I was losing all the good friendships I'd found.... but, because we were ALL tossed out on the street together, we bonded even more.... and together we found a new home with lots of wonderful new friends who accepted us with open arms. Some of us don't blog as often, because we have found other means of keeping in close touch.

How many of us would have bothered to get on FaceBook, otherwise?!?! Now we are together there, and others can find us easily. Hopefully, others from J-land that are still lost out there in cyberspace will find us and choose to come back to us. (You know who you are!! = )

Glad you are all still part of my life!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A hug from a Stranger

I was in church this morning, and there was a young man sitting next to me on FIRE for the Lord.... you know how you can just pick that up on people. He was probably my son's age or a few years older (early 20's). He was one of those people you could just SEE carrying that beautiful glowing light of the Lord. He was HAPPY, greeting people, singing with raised hands, praising/worshipping, and praying down on his knees while the rest of us were standing.

At the beginning of the service, when the music stopped, the Pastor always asks us to greet each other.

Normally, I'll turn to the people around me and shake their hands and introduce myself.

Today, this young man sitting next to me turned towards me and I reached out my hand to greet him, and he threw his arms open and said "Gimme a hug!" He gave me a strong, hearty hug!! A hug that makes a person feel good!! A hug that says.... "WE HONOR THE SAME FATHER, AND I LOVE YOU!!!"

It may seem like a simple thing to some, but I was really impressed with him. Boys his age don't like to hug fat old ladies, they seek out the cute young ones to hug... but he was REAL!!! He was SINCERE in his Godly love!!

And after the service, he shook my hand again, introduced himself and asked my name. I told him my name and said "Thanks for that hug, you made my day!" So he gave me another one, and told me 'God Bless You'. And we parted ways.

I'm telling you this, so that you'll know that when you hug someone, they FEEL it!! They know when it's sincere.... so go hug a stranger!!!