Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Land Down Under

What's Down Under got that we don't have here???

My nephew is MOVING to Australia this week. He's leaving Thursday to LIVE there. Said he'll check it out for a year, see how things go, then decide whether or not he'll stay there.

He is a real adventurer!!! When he was in the navy, he lived in a few different places, including Iraq and Hawaii, and he saw many different places. But he fell in love with Australia, and made some good friends there.... so they talked him into moving there and staying with them until he gets settled. I think he's going for the GIRLS, myself... but hey, wherever he'll find happiness, right!!?

He asked my advice, rather than his mom's or his grandmother's, because he knew they'd give him selfish advice to stay here.... LOL!!! I was proud to tell him that he should GO, he's not married, he has no kids, and he just got home from Iraq, so he doesn't have a job here yet to tie him down. He's young and should experience as much of the world as possible, in my opinion.

I did and I love the experiences I've had, I didn't LIVE in any other country, but hey, I tried another state for a summer... LOL!! I think that if I were as bold as my nephew, I'd be living in England right now, I LOVED England!! But I'm not bold that way, I was chicken to move away from home, away from mommy and daddy (at the time!).

I'm really glad that my nephew is taking chances to find his happiness, and of course, I'm VERY PROUD of him!!!

When I told him how much I'll miss him... he said "Hey, just think of it as another vacation destination!!" = )


Monday, October 5, 2009

2009 L.A. County Fair

Yesterday was the last day of the Los Angeles County Fair. We loved going when the weather was cool enough to actually enjoy it!!

I did not go crazy on the fair food.... instead I bought fun stuff. Got a couple of very pretty rings, some flavored dipping oil, and some Christmas gifts.

Chris saw the concert (Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, and Saliva... crazy names, huh!?? LOL!!). He and his (girl)friend enjoyed the concert, and we closed down the park.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!!