Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Friend, Bob!

This is Bob. I've mentioned him before on my AOL journal (many moons ago).

Bob, and his wife Linda, are an elderly couple that I look after. I used to work with Bob before he had a stroke just over a year ago.

We all went to dinner tonight. They take me out once in awhile as a 'Thank You' for helping them and because, although it's really hard for him to get around, Bob needs to get out sometimes to keep his spirits up.

Today, after dinner, I took Bob outside for a cigar as Linda paid the bill and hit the restroom. Bob told me that he doesn't want to live anymore. He was crying when he told me that. He said that everything's just too hard, now.... he's on a wheelchair, always. He'll be 79 on July 5th.

I know things are hard for him, and I guess I'd feel the same, but selfishness made me encourage him to not give up. I told him that there are many people who care for him, and that he should try to find things of interest to keep him occupied. It was lame, I know, but I didn't know HOW to encourage him.

He opened up again, to me more when we stopped at the grocery store and Linda went in to get a case of water. We talked about Jesus, and his beliefs. We talked about where he'd be going after he died. I'm comfortable in his beliefs, that if he died tonight, I'd KNOW that he's going to Heaven, and so is he (comfortable in that faith).

That was the most important thing to me... I don't want to lose Bob, but I understand... there isn't much left for him, here, anymore.

At dinner, he ordered chopped steak, and as I cut his steak for him, he said "I can't even eat Prime Rib anymore." (which he used to LOVE). So for his birthday, I'll cook a roast for him, he loves my roast, and I make it tender enough that he can enjoy it. It's all I know to do for him, anymore.

I'll buy him some large print books of interest to him, and maybe some imported beer, but what else can I do to make him comfortable... there isn't much.

I want to give him back his youth, I want him to walk again, I want him comfortable. But this is where I trust God to give Bob what he needs, and to take Bob home when He feels Bob is ready.

Please don't wait too long, though, God. I'll miss him terribly, but he's so tired, now.

Thanks for listening.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Story of Perfect Timing

My son is 19 years old, I don't normally tell him who to hang out with anymore. He usually picks good people for friends. But once in a while, a parent still have to set boundaries, when you see something that is NOT good for them.

Thank God for His blessings and guidance!!

About a month ago, I had to restrict my son from a friend he'd been hanging out with for a few months. This person was NOT good for my son to be around, this friend was leading my son away from the good, happy person he normally is.

I prayed on the whole situation, and waited for the right time. I wanted God to lead my actions, so that my son would not rebel. I mean, this person had turned into his best friend almost over night... how could he just STOP seeing this person!!

One Friday afternoon, after I found that Chris had lied to me a second time, (both times involving this same friend), I told him that was it!! This 'friend' was not allowed at our home, and Chris was NOT to see him again, at all. Chris didn't even argue, he just said 'OK'. (I was really prepared for a big arguement... LOL!!)

Now, I realize that I can't watch his every move, I can't be with him all the time, he's on his own most of the time, so I had to set some severe consequences for him.

Well, that Friday night, it happened that Chris was going out with another friend of his that he's known for quite awhile, to a party where all Chris's old friends were going to be. Those friends intervened (on my behalf, without even knowing it), they told Chris that this person (the one I'd restricted him from) was NOT COOL, that they did NOT like that person, and that they did not want that person around. They were just accepting him, because of Chris.

Talk about God's perfect timing.... WOW!!!! With his old friends confirming what I'd just told him that very same day.... he has NOT seen this friend again.

Chris, at first, was making up excuses not to see this person when he'd call, then just told him straight out he didn't want to go out whenever he'd call, and now won't even answer this other person's calls anymore... that person hardly ever calls anymore, really.

Thank you, Lord!! Thank you for taking care of YOUR SON!!! Thank you for always watching over him, when I can't!! Thank you for making him the wonderful person he is.

A few weeks ago, Chris started going back to church on his own. I never bug him about it, it has to be his decision. He doesn't go with me on Sundays, (well, I do ask that he go FOR ME on Mother's day and my birthday which he does.) but he goes to his age appropriate church groups on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I'm just so grateful to have God's blessings in our lives. And I wanted to share with you what amazing things He can do, like handle situations for you that you might not be able to, otherwise.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and that you'll enjoy a great week ahead.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

Thanks, Sugar for the beautiful graphic!!

I want to wish all the fathers (& stepfathers) out there a very Happy Father's Day!! I also would like to wish any mothers who are also fathers in the lives of their children, a Happy Father's Day, too!!! (I KNOW the struggles we face being BOTH parents to our kids!! And you all deserve this special day, too!!)

I hope you all spend the day doing whatever it is that makes you happy!! I pray that you have a blessed day full of joy!!

My son is spending the weekend with his dad, right where he should be. And I will go with my mom today and visit my dad and leave flowers!

If you don't have your dad with you anymore, visit with him if you can, even if it's just in your bedroom for a private moment.... tell him Happy Father's Day!! You'll feel good for having told him.

Enjoy your day,


Sunday, June 7, 2009

I have to let you know about a blog that I really love to go to.... the music this guy posts almost always takes me back. You may know Garnett from another journal, but I'm not sure how many people go to his Jumpin' Johnny G blog.

My son and I used the last day of our Disney passes yesterday, to go to California Adventure. So after this post, you won't have to hear anymore about Disneyland from me for awhile.... (at least until December!!).

They're building something here, in front of the Mickey wheel, so it looks kind of odd.... but whatever it is, I bet it'll be great when it's done!!

Record Catch!! (The weight listed for the record catch on the sign is 7 1/4 tons!! LOL!!)

My lunch was a chicken salad (with apples, walnuts & cranberries) YUMMY!!!!!

Laker Flowers....... = )

Have a great week, everyone!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Goofy's Kitchen!!

Does it look like my son is kinda STRANGLING Pluto??? LOL!!!

We went to Downtown Disney for dinner, on Sunday, to celebrate the boy's birthday... (this is the LAST time this year, though!! I think!!)

We ate at Goofy's Kitchen!! They had a great menu and a FANTASTIC dessert bar!! LOL!! I had salad and bbq ribs and roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and steamed veggies and LOTS of dessert stuff... jell-o, fruit, strawberry cheesecake, brownie, lemon squares, apple crisp, some of just about everything!!! Oh, was I ever FULL!!!

Yes, I KNOW we're all grown ups, but sometimes you just gotta be a kid!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Today is Mary's Birthday!!!!!

Please go over and wish our good friend Mary a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, today!!!

Wishing you much love today, Mary!! Happy Birthday, friend!!