Tuesday, November 25, 2008


WHAT THE HECK....!?!??! ADVERTISERS are posting COMMENTS on my blog!!!!! I can't believe this!!! I don't want to have to read every comment before it's published or have my readers enter in funny letters that make funny words just to leave a comment!!! Grrrr!!!! This is RIDICULOUS!!! I'm not going to delete it, so that you all can see it... it's the last comment on my last post! A comment from 'online casinos'..... Online Casinos, if you are reading this, I want you to know that you are the reason we hate advertisers!!!! You get into everything!!! This is my personal blog for my friends, I will not go private just because of you!! I will, however, in the future, delete all the comments you leave here.... and absolutely BOYCOTT 'ONLINE CASINOS'!!!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'd like to request all you wonderful 'spotters' to visit Estela, she'd really like to have some visitors at her blog!!

I went out to celebrate a very close friend of mine's (Roseann) 50th birthday today. Her birthday is actually on Thanksgiving Day, but we celebrated her today!! 14 of her closest friends and family, all women, went to a nice and fun mexican restaurant called La Huasteca. There were mariachi's there, and we all loved our food (which was a good thing, since I picked the restaurant... LOL!!) It was a great time for everyone, and Roseann's mother (whom I've know pretty well for quite awhile) came to me afterward and thanked me for organizing it all for her daughter and for being such a good friend to her... she made me cry!! LOL!! It was 'a moment'... LOL!!

I've decided that I'm going to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday at this same restaurant next year. My mom will LOVE the mariachi's!!! LOL!!

Don't forget to visit Estela... thanks!!


I didn't realize that I'd won ONE MORE... Congrats to Linda who won this award, and passed it on to me. Thank you so much Linda, you're a sweetie!! Hope you are doing well!!

Take Care, Have a great weekend everyone!!


Friday, November 21, 2008

I am honored to have received the Marie Antoinette award from TWO different bloggers!!! Julie and Missy

I would in turn like to honor 7 other bloggers that I think are wonderful!!

My Thotful Spot

The Fox Diarys


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I was trying to find blogs that I didn't think received the award yet, but if you already did, then you must've deserved it again... = )

Now, pass it on.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Posting a new entry, mainly, to see if the comments problem still exists!! So I MAY delete this to try something else.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we are safe and sound, the fire near us, I BELIEVE is under control now.

Hope you are all doing well, and enjoying your cool weather, can you send some over to me please.... we're still in the 90's here.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Yorba Linda fire is now into Diamond Bar.

Diamond Bar, California is less than 10 minutes away from me... you can read here about the fires at the link provided. I believe there are pics too.

We are safe, here, but the smell of fire is strong and the air quality is so bad that most of the city was pretty quiet today, because most people are staying indoors. I did see some people walking around with those little paper masks over their nose and mouth. The air is gray and thick.

The firefighters are doing all they can to keep the fires away from homes, and when they lose some, it's personal for them... they are really working hard, and they are exhausted!!

My eyes and lungs are burning just a bit way over here, but I feel it... I can only imagine how they feel!!

Please say a prayer for them, they are working so hard for us!!

Google is getting just as bad as AOL.... AGAIN you can't leave comments, so sorry. Nothing I do in customizing the comment box is working... Grrrr!!!! Well, no worries, just say prayers for the firefighters, that's all I'm asking right now.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Fires... again!!

OK, THIS time the fires are a little closer to me... I mean, we're not in any danger, but we sure can smell it, it's smokey outside, the layer of smoke is really visible, and I'll probably have ashes on my car in the morning if the direction of the wind changes. Earlier in the day, when the fire started, we were close enough to see 'orange' smoke over the ridge.... the fires in Yorba Linda and in Brea are the ones closest to me, and I watched them spread very quickly this morning!!

I'll have to pick up an inhaler for Chris tomorrow (he has asthma), just in case the smoke affects him. Of course, we waited until the last minute to replace emergency ones, because he hasn't needed them in SO long... but he has a nebulizer machine if need be, and a hospital right up the street... LOL!!

My prayers are with those who've lost homes and businesses there, there were quite a few this time.

There were at least 5 fires raging this afternoon, possibly more.... keep the victims in your prayers, please!!

Thanks, have a great Sunday!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Short work week ahead

Well, my long weekend is over, but I won't be glum, I only have a 3-day work week ahead, so I'm happy.

I did NOT get the things done that I'd hoped this weekend, but it's ok, it'll all get done eventually.

I got a little online Christmas shopping done, and I'm hoping to be ALL done with that before Thanksgiving weekend, so I can go away and relax, guilt-free!! LOL!! I'm heading to a local mountain cabin with some girlfriends for that weekend... Chris will be on his own!! He never minds staying home alone, though!! What 18 year old boy would, right??!?! LOL!!

Yesterday, on the way to my mom's house, I saw an elderly man walking across a busy intersection. He was having trouble getting through the long crosswalks in a hurry for traffic, so I pulled over and met him once he got to the corner, and asked him if he wanted a ride... he was carrying about 4 grocery bags, and I figured he wasn't near any houses, so he probably still had a ways to walk (he was actually just walking to the bus stop).

He accepted the ride, he said that he would have had to take two buses to get home if I hadn't come along, and he thought it would be a great surprise for his wife that he'd be home so early, and get to see her before she left for work. What a sweet man!! We talked on the way to his house, which really wasn't too far in a car, and he told me that he was 81, and that his wife was a few years older than him, but she still worked!!!

When we got to his house, he wanted me to come in and meet his wife. What an amazing woman!! She was smartly dressed for work, honestly, the lady looked beautiful. She was a bit frail, but she dressed herself in a beautiful gray tweed pair of pants, a soft white blouse, and even a gray silk scarf to match!!! She had on earrings, just a little make-up, and her hair was done up... MAN, I want to look like HER when I'm her age!!!

Apparently, their sons live far enough away to not be able to help them get groceries and such... so we exchanged phone numbers and I told them that I'd be in touch again. It's such a good feeling to be able to help someone... I'm glad that I was lead to them.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Comment Responses & 6 things about me

I am enjoying the most BEAUTIFUL BLUSTERY day we've had in a LONG time!!!

I want to first say that I don't know how to respond to the comments left here, except to e-mail you... and that could take forever!! So here's my responses to the comments on my last post:

Sugar: Thanks for letting me know I'm NOT the only one totally lost here... there ARE others. And I LOVE the song we BOTH have on our playlist.

Estela & Traci: Was thinking of you both when I put my playlist at the top of the page... = )

Lynne: I AM blessed, thank you. And I think your blogs are beautiful!!

Friedmsw: Thanks so much for the compliment.. you're wonderful!!

Gem: Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful words of encouragement!

Missy: Thanks for tagging me, I FINALLY thought of 6 things... that posts is below!

JosephAnn: Thank you!

Jimmie: Thanks, Jimmie... I love the songs on your playlist too, especially, have always loved Europa!!

Linda: Welcome Home!! Thanks for the beautiful Card!!

Lisita: I finally had my son put my playlist on for me, he did it so fast, I didn't see how he did it.... but if he can help you, let me know.


Now for the 6 things about me (tagged by Missy)

1) I hate shopping (at the mall), football, and hip hop!!

2) I love yard sales, windy days, and football pools!! LOL!!!

3) I hate to paint, I have to paint a couple of rooms in my mom's house and I'd really rather just hire someone to do it, but don't have time, because the cabinet installers with be here this week.

4) I gave up COFFEE, one of my favorite drinks in the whole world, because Jesus told me to!!

5) I almost NEVER follow a recipe... it's VERY RARE that I do. I'll usually glance at the ingredients and decide for myself what I'll actually put into it. And I'll almost never go to the store for something I don't have for it, I'll make do with whatever I have, often substituting ingredients... LOL!! It usually works out just fine!!

6) (thinking... thinking... still thinking) I am on a FOUR day weekend... I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday!! LOL!!! HOWEVER, I'll most likely be PAINTING... UGH!!

Love you all,

Sunday, November 2, 2008

OK, Thanks to Beth and my son for helping get my playlist onto my blog!! I'm sure I'll be changing the songs from time to time. I put the playlist at the top, so that you can easily stop the music if you don't want to hear it, I know not EVERYONE wants to hear MY music... = )

I still think my blog needs work, it's too plain, but I can't figure out how to get ANYTHING across the top of the blog.... you guys are getting bored with me, huh?!?! LOL!!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, with beautiful weather, and lots of leftovers from Halloween... LOL!!!


I need help again....

Can anyone tell me how to put a playlist on my blog?!?! I got my playlist together, but can't get the correct code to put it on my blog. I love checking out everyone's playlist and decided I'd like to have one too... I hope I can do it!! I really don't know WHAT I'd do without you all!!

And thanks to Ma, and all the others who offered a link to Dad's Tomatoe Garden Journal.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Does anyone have Dad's journal link?? Dad's Tomatoe Garden???

Can you please e-mail me or leave it in a comment??


My Halloween

I'm just so excited about learning new things here, that I wanted to post another entry... LOL!!! I have the journals that I'm following listed, if yours isn't there, please let me know.

I really didn't do anything for Halloween, I dressed in the 80's for work. But at night, I worked the football game, which was homecoming so not too many showed up because it was Halloween!!! DUH!! Oh well!!

My son went to a party with friends, and is going to another one tonight. He was/is a vampire, (Lost Boys type of vampire). He bought these really cool fangs that mold onto your teeth so they look real.

Today the weather is BEAUTIFUL!! It's gray and raining... WOO HOO!!! NOW I KNOW summer is over... LOL!!!

I have new neighbors, not the most considerate people in the world, hopefully things will get better. There are parking problems, noise problems (at 3:00 a.m.), UGH!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday evening, and a great Sunday!!

I revamped my blogspot a bit!! Let me know what you think... I went in looking for the pretty little ribbons I've seen on some journals, but saw the lighthouse and fell in LOVE with it. I resized the font, is it too big?! I couldn't find where to change the color of the blog description font, but I'm sure I will in time.

Thanks to Ken (Bucko) who led me to the place where I could make these changes, I had been there before, but guess I didn't scroll down far enough or something, who knows?! It doesn't take too much to confuse me.

And thanks to Beth for helping me change the font size on the individual posts. That was helpful, too.

One day, I'll understand all this stuff, it took me awhile with the AOL journal too, but I'll get by with a little help from my friends.