Monday, February 16, 2009

Last night's dinner

I had alot of inquiries wondering what I made for dinner last night, that my son stayed home a little longer for... LOL!!

It wasn't the recipe that did it, really.... it was one of the simplest meals I've ever made.... I'm almost embarrassed to say how simple it was, one of those 'throw together' dinners, you know... LOL!!

I had some cubed chicken leftover from something else I'd made the day before, it was already seasoned and cooked, so it was easy to toss into a pot of elbow macaroni soup, which I started by saute'ing onion & garlic with the macaroni in olive oil, and later adding tomato sauce (I actually used V-8 juice instead of tomatoe sauce, because it's what I had, it works the same, and it has even MORE vitamins!) and water. Then I threw in the chicken, brought it all to a boil, then lowered it to simmer.

Very simple, but it was just nice to feel so appreciated, you know.... I think ANYTHING on the stove at that moment would have been perfect. = )


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do I know how to keep the boy home or what??

My son came out of his room, "Mom, I'm leaving, going over to Jenna's!"

I said, "I just finished making dinner! Aren't you going to eat first?"

He said, "No, I'll just eat when I come back."

So I opened the lid, with a bowl in hand, I picked up the ladle to serve...

He said, "OOh, wait, what's that... Mmmm, yeah, I'll eat first!"

It was just a simple meal, no big deal, but it's the aroma and the thought of going outside in the cold with a good hot meal in you first, I think.

3 bowls later, he left full and happy.



Sunday, February 8, 2009

Old Friends are back!!!

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I just found two new friends (AND a cousin) that I've been looking for, for MANY years!!! I found them on Facebook, but it wasn't easy!! I've been looking for them for a lot of years on Google, Facebook(way before I was on Facebook), old addresses, etc.

Well, I was going about it all wrong.... I finally wisened up and found them through their KIDS!!! You know, EVERY kid in the WORLD is on the World Wide Web SOMEWHERE!!!

Anyway, I sent out the messages to their kids last night, and had answers waiting for me this morning!!!

One is local, my friend, Cynthia, she called me about an hour ago, and we talked about how long it's been and about old times and we're meeting for dinner THIS WEEK!! It'll be so good to see her.

The other one, Maggie, (who is married to my cousin, Shookie) lives in New Jersey... I know it's weird that you'd lose contact with family, huh?! And I'm not sure HOW that happened, but you know, phone numbers change, and people move, and it just happened.

BUT I was able to find their KIDS!!! Hope to talk to them all on the phone soon, too!!! And, Hey, I've got new young friends on Facebook!!! LOL!!!

OK, so now I just have one last one that I've been looking for, again, for years.... guess I'm just not good at keeping in touch, huh?!?!? These were all very good, very close friends at one time. This last one didn't have any kids... so I'm on my own, here!!

Have a blessed week!!!


Friday, February 6, 2009

An old J-lander needs some luv!!

I'm wondering if Mik was lost in the move (from J-land to Spottersville). He needs some visitors!! Just click on his name above.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Raining!!!


It's POURING RAIN outside, a HARD rain for us, here in Southern Calif. I love it!!!

I'm on my second day home from work. My sweet friend, Delia, called me this afternoon from work to see if I wanted her to bring me lunch... that was so nice of her, but I was already making my lunch.

Then Roseann e-mailed me to see if I wanted dinner, I love my friends. I'd already had my dinner planned, but they were each so nice to think of me. What a blessing friends are.

So, I'm carrying a tissue box with me everywhere I go, I look like crap, I'm not in my PJ's but scrappy looking anyway, you'd think my son could call and say "Mom, I'm bringing my friend home"??? But NOOOO, he walks in the door with her while I'm totally knocked out on the sofa with my pillow and blanky, with my little table full of scrunched up dirty tissue, a half eaten bowl of chicken soup, empty tea cup, etc. I have no make-up on, swollen eyes, the tv's droning.... UGH!!! A LOVELY picture, you know?!

Oh well, they were only here for awhile, and she's such a nice girl, I didn't really mind. I offered to make them dinner, but they were going out. But Chris will be hungry again when he comes home.... I know, kid's ALWAYS hungry... LOL!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to work, it's boring at home, I hate daytime tv. I was supposed to work a basketball game tomorrow night, but told them that I wouldn't make it so that they could find someone else.... darn, I HATE giving up jobs!! LOL!!

WOW!! It's REALLY COMING DOWN!!!! I love when it rains this hard!! We're SUPPOSED to get some thunder tonight, that'll be a treat!!

Well, I guess I'll cut this short, don't have anything exciting to tell you. Enjoy the rest of your week, hope you're all warm and cozy!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

My Superbowl Sunday!!

Did you watch the Superbowl??? Well, (unless you live in Arizona) this is probably what you saw.......

At the end of the 2nd quarter, the cardinals had the ball and the play was about 5 yards (or less) from the touchdown line.... do you remember that.... the score was Pitts 10 - Cards 7.

My numbers were Pitts 0 - Cards 4...... had the Cardinals made that touchdown, they'd have had 14 points.... meaning I would have won $500!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then stupid Steelers #92 took that ball away from them in the LAST 30 SECONDS of the quarter (or so) and ran it 100 YARDS to make a touchdown for the Steelers.


Sorry, I just haven't gotten over that, yet!!! My throat hurts from yelling at #92.

Just had to vent!!! Thanks for listening!!