Tuesday, March 3, 2009

YOU??? What about ME??!

OK, this is me whining.... it's long, drawn out, and really boring... but I'm doing it to make ME feel better... to talk out my anger.

Today, I was talking with a co-worker, and happened to say something like "I can't afford THAT!" I don't even remember what we were talking about, but she said "YOU, what about ME!??"

I make a little more than she does, but she has 2 side businesses, and a husband who makes VERY good money, plus very skilled side jobs that pay WELL. She has renters, AND just won a HUGE LAWSUIT from an accident.

I was really URKED... I totally understand that EVERYONE feels that they don't ever make enough money, everyone lives at different levels, and I also know that I can't complain because I HAVE a job, when alot of people don't... and I DON'T complain, I totally realize my blessings... but I was being realistic, it wasn't just a phrase I was throwing out, I really couldn't afford what we were talking about. She didn't even THINK about what she said.... or WHO she was saying it to!!!

I don't play the 'single-parent' card too often, I really don't... that's just the way the world is now, probably HALF the kids in the country (if not MORE) are from single parent families (and they ARE still families!). But when someone like this woman throws this at me, I want to scream.... DON'T TELL ME that you're worse off than ME in ANY way, shape, or form when it comes to AFFORDABILITY!!!

I'll have to chalk it up to the fact that she just wasn't thinking AT ALL!!! She was talking through her butt!! I DO know that she is an EXTREMELY selfish person... and that IS the right word.

I hope I didn't offend anyone, in this entry.... I just had to get it off my chest!! Thanks for letting me!!!

Gotta go, American Idol is coming on!!! = )



  1. ((Joann))) sometimes people just don't think before they speak like your coworker did. had she really thought what she was saying, she would have stopped herself or apologized about saying it afterwards

    hope American Idol was good :)


  2. NO, you certainly didn't offend me! I've known people, too, who no matter what you say, they have done it better and more often. I call them psychic vampires...they suck all the energy out of the room in order to feed themselves. Sounds like your coworker is a psychic vampire who just doesn't get that there are people who might be struggling worse than she is (or isn't). I sympathize with you, because I know how it feels to work with or deal with someone like that...although I can't say I've done it MORE or BETTER! LOL

    {{hugs}} Beth

  3. I do know where you are coming from for sure. I was a single parent for several years after my DDH passed on. Now of course they are all grown and have their own homes, but still I support my self without any help. I've found that sometimes those with more are the ones that are never satisfied with what they have. I just count my blessings...

  4. Most people thinking revolves around themselves. They don't consider that even though there is something like the workplace in common, that they are in a different position or circumstance.

    When you said that this person was selfish, you hit the nail on the head. She can see things only thru her own values and no one elses.

  5. wonder where my comment went ???? anyway back I come..You hit the right word when you said she was selfish. I can never understand people like that...They never seem to be contented with what they have.. Glad you had us all here to sound of to..
    much Love Sybil xx

  6. Sorry that happened to you. Co-workers can be so cruel sometimes. Instead of gripping at you, she needs to be thanking God for all of her blessings. Sounds like she is doing relatively well. Some people are just...plain...difficult.

  7. Rant received and hugs back to you :o)

  8. Joann, There are always those types that have to have it worse, have to have it better, oh they just have to because they have to be center of attention. Hang in there!

  9. I know what you mean. I have a friend who's husband makes great money and then has the nerve to complain about money while my husband is out of a job. Please! Everyone needs to get heads out of butts! LOL

  10. I understand what you mean...

    Americal Idol?? YUCK lol

  11. Idiots like that do not really hear what you say or read the emotion in your voice. Their pitiful minds catch part or all of the statement and apply it to themselves and their needs.

    Sometimes, when I see the blank looks on me-first people like this, I wonder where the need comes from.

    With a statement like she made, my response would have been "Actually, you think enough about you for the both of us."



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