Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank you, Linda (My Thotful Spot)!!

My beautiful friend, Linda, sent me the most 'thotful' gift. She totally surprised me!! (Sorry about the reflection, I had some files on my desk! LOL!!)

I currently have it on my desk at work along with all my other pics of Derek!! LOL!! (Julie may recognize those pics!! = )

Thank you so very much, Linda, I LOVE IT and will treasure it, not just because it's 'DEREK', but because it's from YOU with Love!!

You're such a wonderful friend and I truly appreciate you!!!



  1. he looks mighty nice!!! Linda really is such a sweet person, isn't she?? she has just that way of remembering friends like this in such special ways

    (I think it is awesome what your church is doing to help out the needy; truly they will be blessed by the Lord)

    hope you are well and not wilting too much from this hot weather


  2. What a lovely thoughtful thing Linda did for you ~ Ally x

  3. did you know that Derek has a line of men's aftershave, etc with Avon? It smells heavenly! Linda in WA

  4. Joann...thanks for your comments i appreciate them. My son Kenji works for MLB and has shots of Derek, I'll see if I can get some from him and email them to Sandi

  5. Linda's the best! As it turns out we both have sort of the "Derek" influence, except mine's Bo Derek.


  6. I like Linda very much & I hope she is doing well.

  7. Do you like Derek Jeter? LOL, I like him too (apparently not quite as much as you do though)~ he's a cutie! What a wonderful gift.

  8. That card looks great! Thanks for posting it!
    Good song too by the way!
    please come by and comment at my blog!
    Joann do you know how I can write to Lynn ?
    how about Guido's friend in England ?


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