Sunday, September 13, 2009

A better view of September 11

September 11 holds a bad memory for us all... a memory that will forever be with us. We will never forget the tragedy that affected so many lives.

However, as of Friday, September 11, 2009, New Yorkers have another view, a better memory.

It happened in the bottom of the third inning, NY Yankees against the Baltimore Orioles....

Derek Jeter singled to right off of Orioles's pitcher, Chris Tillman, for hit number 2,272 of his career, beating Lou Gehrig's (NY Yankee) record set 70 years ago!!

Derek Jeter, Captain of the NY Yankees, hit another single later that day, for a total of 2,273 career hits. Only 727 more hits to go to get to the elite 3,000 Hit Club!!


(info. & photo courtesy of the Bleacher Report)


  1. It's nice to have a bright spot in the day!

  2. I wonder if he will be able to pass Pete Rose. In an time where there is all kinds of rabble passing themselves off as stars and erzatz role models, Jeter has been able to keep a pretty decent image, even when he was fodder for the tabs. Great guy!!

  3. YEA!!!!!! something good to remember on a sad day for sure

    (let's do lunch late fall; got some things brewing that hopefully will settle down by then so I'll have more time on the weekends to play :)


  4. I love you Joann! Many thanks for your uplifting comments my dear friend!
    I love your blog! I wrote about Patrick Swayze...please come by and write something. I was so impressed by the man..the family man... the great actor and wonderful person who fought that cancer like a banchee tiger!

  5. That does make things a bit better!

  6. Joann, thank you for this uplifting news. I unfortunately don't live in NY currently. But I wear my Yankee cap anyway.

    Go Jeter. Go Yankees.


  7. Hey Joann. It takes a special person to look & find a little positivity throughout the harshest of atrocities. I may not have a clue about who is who but you have lifted my spirits with your compassion. Love Pam.x

  8. Congratulations to Derek for his accomplishment!! No doubt he'll make the 3000 club.


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