Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Land Down Under

What's Down Under got that we don't have here???

My nephew is MOVING to Australia this week. He's leaving Thursday to LIVE there. Said he'll check it out for a year, see how things go, then decide whether or not he'll stay there.

He is a real adventurer!!! When he was in the navy, he lived in a few different places, including Iraq and Hawaii, and he saw many different places. But he fell in love with Australia, and made some good friends there.... so they talked him into moving there and staying with them until he gets settled. I think he's going for the GIRLS, myself... but hey, wherever he'll find happiness, right!!?

He asked my advice, rather than his mom's or his grandmother's, because he knew they'd give him selfish advice to stay here.... LOL!!! I was proud to tell him that he should GO, he's not married, he has no kids, and he just got home from Iraq, so he doesn't have a job here yet to tie him down. He's young and should experience as much of the world as possible, in my opinion.

I did and I love the experiences I've had, I didn't LIVE in any other country, but hey, I tried another state for a summer... LOL!! I think that if I were as bold as my nephew, I'd be living in England right now, I LOVED England!! But I'm not bold that way, I was chicken to move away from home, away from mommy and daddy (at the time!).

I'm really glad that my nephew is taking chances to find his happiness, and of course, I'm VERY PROUD of him!!!

When I told him how much I'll miss him... he said "Hey, just think of it as another vacation destination!!" = )



  1. Sounds like good advice, from both of you :o)

  2. Joann, well thats where you will be heading for your next vacation !! I cannot help but agree with your Nephew. Australia is a wonderful country and I am sure he will find work there although even they are having troubles with unemployment...Mary and I visited Aus. a couple of times when we were on the way to New Zealand (my very fav. country ) do you know where he is heading ? I have not been on the West Coast ie Perth etc. mainly Sydney and all down the East Coast from Cairns downwards..
    Much Love Sybil xx

  3. ty to the soldier! {{{}}}
    glad he's home & doing what he wants to do.
    i'd love to go there!!!
    have a good week.

  4. Hi Joann,
    Kudos to your nephew for trying something new. Australia sounds great!

  5. I think you gave your nephew great advice Joann! if he is young and doesn't have lots of responsibilities (i.e. wife/kids) he should go out and explore different options. And even though Australia is far away, it is more reachable than it would have been 100-200 years ago when it would have taken months to get there or get a letter there. I bet he'll have a blast and learn a lot about himself and life in general


  6. I think you provided very sage advice. He should do it while he does not have the trappings of responsibilities that oft hold us adults back. He also has the right perspective, try it out for a year and if it does not work out he can always move again. But at least he is trying...I think that is awesome.

  7. Good for him! In my younger days, I did a little investigating on living in Australia. Nothing came of it, but it was fun to think about making such a move. I bet he'll have a blast!

  8. Good for your nephew and good for you for giving him go forward advice.


  9. Very good advice. My youngest niece has done so much traveling. She lived in Australia for 6 months, had several different jobs (even picking grapes) and then came home. She's been all over Europe and now at age 29 is "settled" in Washington DC working a job she loves. And they pay for her to go to Africa~it's part of her job. He'll never regret his pre-marriage adventures. Linda in WA

  10. I can't say as I blame you for giving him the advice that you gave him. He may find that he loves it down there. And he'll love celebrating Christmas at the beach since it'll be summertime down there. I've lived in a couple of places here but for some reason, I always came back here to the midwest. I visited my buddy from high school as he now lives out in Thousand Oaks, but I just never could fit in as a California guy. I'm just a midwesterner who loves the change of seasons... until about the 50th day of below freezing

  11. Good advice! Life is way too short not to experience life especially when you're young and able to enjoy it.


  12. I have an online friend that asked me the same question. He had an offer to go to school there. I told him to do it, cause he would probably never get the chance again.

    I havent heard from him, so I dont know what his dession was.

    Good for your nephew!

  13. I think it's called "room to breathe" lol.

  14. Dear Joann,
    I hope that your nephew has ageat trip! Bon Voyage to him!
    I hope you will tell us how he is !
    Please come by and comment on my blog!

  15. I think it's great he has the kahunas to move to Australia, especially if he really loves it there. I would love to see other places but my stupid fears hold me back from so much. I envy folks who can make big changes.

  16. I hope his move works out well. Since he has nothing to tie him down, it is great that he takes advantage of this opportunity to try somewhere new. If he doesn't like it, he can always come home, right?

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