Sunday, December 13, 2009

God's Blessings!

These are my friends, Roseann & Kathy.

This is ME after a good SOAK!! LOL!!

We went to a friend's house for a Christmas party yesterday. Janie has a beautiful condo right on the beach.... outside her living room window all you see is ocean, it was beautiful!! She also has another home in the desert... that's the best of both world's!! She had several homes before she and her husband retired, but they've sold most of them now, and live very comfortably.

I talked a bit with Janie, and she gave me some very valuable advice. Advice that I'm totally taking to heart.

She said that there's NO WAY in the world that she and her husband should have such a great life except for the grace of GOD!! She said that during their entire married life (and they married young), they've ALWAYS, ALWAYS TITHED!!

That REALLY got me thinking, you know, I tithe, but I don't tithe my FULL 10%. I know that I'm supposed to, but 10% of my GROSS salary (which is what He requires) is ALOT of money, so I compromise... I'm sure GOD understands... running a household on one salary is hard enough without giving back 10%... I could USE that 10%... I have LOTS of bills to pay... I'm sure God will excuse me from paying my FULL tithe.... right!!???

WRONG!!! He GAVE me my job, and everything else I have, I know that... so why would I be exempt from His law, and essentially, His PLAN. This money is ALL HIS to begin with... it really is!! So why not give Him just the small part that He requires back!?

My New Year's Resolution is to give Him back His FULL 10% of the money He gives me.

I may never see the blessings that Janie has, but I'll be right with God, He'll know that my heart is where it belongs in HIM!!! And it will allow Him to do the things He is trying to do THROUGH ME!!

Thanks, Janie!!


  1. It's true...I always thought like you and have tried to tithe but it does get difficult but I do believe the good Lord takes care of me day by day. Never do I have too much but I'm not ever in need either.

  2. That's a tough thing for many Christians. Very tough...But I've heard similiar testimonies. Linda in Washington

  3. Joann, we've faithfully tithed and we have been blessed, always had what we needed. my pastor says everyone should strive to give 10% to the Lord (since it all belongs to him anyway), 10% to savings (for a rainy day) and then live on the 80%. That's hard to do sometimes without giving up some comforts, we're still trying to do the 10% into savings and living on 80% (in So. Californnia you know how hard this is)

    wishing you success in this adventure!!

    (will require lots of trust)


  4. Do not feel guilty about not being able to tithe.
    For a compleely new viewpoint see my site at

  5. I think that is a wonderful idea Joann, I try to tithe but do not give it all to the church I tithe my money but try to help various charities whin the realms of my tithe...It can be hard at first I suppose but it is amazing how quickly you "recieve" just as much as you "give"
    love Sybil xxx

  6. Forgive me for sounding...well...dumb but tithe is a new phrase for me...what does it mean???


  7. Russ Kelly, I only read a small portion of your site, and will comment there, but had to comment my response here first. Tithing IS biblical, and we DO have that responsibility. Whether we choose to accept that responsibility or not is up to us, but as with everything, there will be consequences. God DOES require a 10% tithe.

  8. Melanie, I send you an e-mail.

  9. Dear Joann,
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Please come back and leave some comment son what you are doing this holiday week.
    Also please comment on the Jewish Hanukkah if you like. Please comment on my next entry which will talk about Christmas and the meaning of christmas to us and leave your link too!
    Have very loving fun holy and beautiful Christmas season Joann!


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