Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mom's childhood home

Whenever I'm with my mom visiting Tucson, she likes to drive by her childhood home, the one that her father built with his own hands for his family of 10 along with a general store next door to the house.

This past visit (about two weeks ago) was no exception, only THIS TIME, there were people outside the house... and my mom jumped out of the car before I could stop her. She went over and told the people her history with the house, I was SURE they were going to call the cops on this crazy woman!!

Lo and Behold, it was the SAME people that my grandfather sold the house to in the mid 60's!!!! They STILL LIVED THERE!!!!!! An elderly couple who turned out to be the NICEST people in the world, they didn't remember my mom, specifically, but they remembered her family, and INVITED US ALL IN TO SEE THE HOUSE!!!!!!! (My mom, my son, and me.)

Of course, I didn't know the house when it belonged to my grandparents, I was like TWO last time I was there (my mom said so). But my mom was so happy to be inside the house again, she couldn't stop crying... and I don't know about YOU, but when my MOM cries, I tend to cry too!

There were ALOT of things in the house that were left EXACTLY as when my family owned it.

This is the SAME Planter from way back then!! No kidding!! I saw pics of the front porch with my mom standing there when she was little!!

This is the front porch swing that my grandfather made from old bed springs, and still it's strong enough to hold people who want to relax and reminisce. My mom has a picture of herself behind the bars of that porch window "jailed".

My Grandfather made his signature doorframe around every single window and door in the house, and they're STILL THERE today!!!

This crucifix is still above the front door after all these years!! I saw it in my mom's wedding pics!!

It was an amazing trip down memory lane for my mom, and a pretty cool visit for my son and I, too!!



  1. That is so cool! I'm glad you had a nice visit and its good hearing from you again!

    It brought to mind a funny. I lost my wedding dress and my mom wondered if it was in her attic of their old house. I stopped by and the new owners were kind enough to let me check out the attic. They had really fixed the ole place up. I found the dress later, it was actually in the attic of my grandmother's home, lol. Wrong house, different attic! I felt like such a dork, lol.

  2. How lovely.. it looks like the people there have kept good care of your mother's childhood home. That must have made her feel so good. :) Glad you enjoyed the visit too. Hugs

  3. Hi Joan,
    Wow ... that really is amazing. And your Grandfather seems to have been quite talented. I think if I tried building a house from scratch, I'd probably end up sleeping in a cardboard box.

  4. What a great adventure for your mom, you & Chris. I would dearly love to go inside my 1st childhood home, it's less than 3 miles from me. I carried old pictures with me & once I saw a lady outside so I stopped and talked to her & gave her the pictures. But she did not invite me in. I was so upset. We moved from that house when I was 10 out into the country. My brother and I were invited to that house about 8 years ago. The people that bought it from my parents were having a yard sale & my daughter stopped there and told them who her grandparents were~they asked for my phone number and called & invited my brother & I over. They'd made a lot of changes but it was still great to take the tour. Shortly after that they sold the house, so I know I'll never be able to go in there again. Have a good week...Linda in WA


  6. What wonderful memories your Mom has. I'm sure she was thrilled to visit her old home. Nice you and your son got to go there with her too.

  7. loved reading this story Joann! I'm so glad your mom got a chance to see inside the house and to see how much the new owners kept things that your grandfather had lovingly built for his family! I bet that made her day/month/year!!! glad you guys got a chance to go away and take a road trip like this too!


  8. What a delightful treasure. I've often wanted to revisit my old childhood home. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. What a great day you all had for sure. And even more memories to be tucked away for later days..It is I am sure a day that you will all long remember. It was so kind of the folks to entertain you all with such a welcome. When we go up to Scotland we always make a detour to have a look at our old house and I always secretly hope that I see someone around and that they would invite us in....AH well one day...
    Much Love Sybil xx

  10. Joann, echoing what the others said. What a wonderful experience for you to visit that house and to be able to see all those parts of it that are still there. What a rare treat! I'm so glad you shared that with us. DB

  11. I'm so glad your Mom did that. What a great visit, & I'm glad your son could appreciate it as well. I love how you can see the signature doorframes of his. That would have been an emotional trip for me. ~Mary

  12. Our parents and grandparents were such resourceful people. I love that front porch swing that was made from a bedspring. Awesome. My dad actually made a shovel from an ironing board... That generation of people were indeed special.

  13. That is so cool! One of the most wonderful things I've ever heard of. It's so nice to know that what your grandfather lovingly built is still like it was then and is still being cared for by the same people he sold it to. Aren't you glad your mom jumped out of the car now?

  14. What a wonderful trip down memory lane for you mom, and an experience for you and your son :o)

  15. That must have been great to see. I like returning to places I haven't seen in a while.


  16. Wow... that is AWESOME... I drive by my grandmothers house, once in a while.. I grew up at her house and the people who live there, have made it beautiful!!! my grandparents would be proud!! Love those kind of trips down memory roads.. they are fun... kinda sad, but still leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. have a great day!
    Lisa (lisita15)

  17. That is so neat your mom had a chance to get back in the house again. I cannot imagine the flood of memories that brought on. Isn't it great to know such wonderful people have it now and have left some of your grandpas touches.


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