Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another earthquake in L.A.

Just to let you all know that we had a 4.7 earthquake at about 8:39 this evening.... everyone seems to be fine. It was felt far and wide, but those closest to the epicenter, which was just south of LAX in a city called Lennox, said they experienced shattered glass, dishes falling out of the cupboards, a couple of tv's falling down, and their animals getting a little riled up, etc. We've had three aftershocks since the major one.... hopefully, we'll have a peaceful night.

My weekend was very good!! Yesterday, I met a girlfriend for a very nice lunch at a sidewalk cafe, we sat at an outside table under a huge shady tree and shared a cobb salad and a turkey sandwich.... it was so nice to be somewhere that we could feel a cool breeze on a hot day!!

And today, after church, we went to lunch, then we (2 girlfriends and I) went to Tom's Farms and just enjoyed walking around, shopping in the wine & cheese store (where I bought 5 bottles of wine) and then the candy store (I bought ALOT of candy, too... LOL!!). I also bought lots of fruit. And before we left, I got a Mango smoothie!!

Didn't get pics today, but check out the link to Tom's Farms, it's a pretty cool place.

Hope everyone has a great week!!



  1. Hi Joann,
    I felt the earthquake, too ... but here in Santa Monica it just felt like a minor tremor, a slight shake lasting just a few seconds. As usual, I froze in place trying to remember whether I was supposed to stand under the doorway or duck under the desk. By the time I remembered that the desk is the better option for me, it was over.

  2. Those earthquakes are scary things. I'm glad you are ok. Your weekend sounds lovely. It's a blessing we get them for sure.

  3. Hi Joann...we felt that earthquake all the way down here in Santee! (San Diego) It was rocking pretty strong here so I imagine it was really strong where you are! I was shocked when I learned it was all the way up there because of how hard it shook here!

  4. Hi Joann, glad you and yours are fine thru the earthquake. Sounds like you had some lovely outings. We're to have nice weather this week, too. I hope to get some outdoor time and enjoy it, even if it is after work, lol. Have a great week!

  5. It is strange to discuss an earthquake as a matter of course ... heard that there may be more, so take care.

    Tom's Farm looks cool!

  6. we felt it over in the Temecula Valley but it was mainly the windows rattling a bit. I heard it was a deep one that's why people didn't feel it as much as previous ones.

    your weekend sounded wonderful! glad you were able to spend some time of it with friends!


  7. LOL at Marty's comment!

    Glad no one was hurt, and I hope the damage was minimal. Hugs, Beth

  8. Relieved to hear the quake didn't cause problems, Joann. It didn't come up on my earthquake feed (as being below 5). Keep safe,


  9. Glad you were only a little shooken [new word] up :o)

  10. Wow! I'm so glad that you are ok!
    sounds like the lunch went nice too! Joann thank you so much for being my friend here I love your postings as well

  11. Hi Joann I am glad all was well with you and the earthquake...I am glad we don't have them over least if we do it is so mild most folks don't realise what it was !! The first time I went to New Zealand that was on ething I wanted to feel....just a wee earthquiake mind you !! and as luck would have it the first night I was down in wellington they had one....what did I do ? slept throught it !! and there were my friends all worried about me in case I was frightened. The only memento I have of it is the write up in the newspaper !!!
    It sounds as if you have had a great weekend and a super visit to disney world.
    Much Love Sybil xx

  12. And let's hope there are no more earthquakes your way.

  13. hiya Joann!:) thanks for your great comments!
    ps what will you do this weekend to celebrate? hey I kept trying to go to your blog from your photo! that did not work opp!

  14. We are just shaking and baking here in So. Cal!!! I'm glad that we are all ok.. It was a pretty good roller over here in my area...

    Lisa (lisita15)


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