Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cat food recall

Is this a THIRD post from me in ONE DAY?!?!??! How UNUSUAL is that!?? BUT it's for good reason.... Dad posted something he got from his friend, and now I'm going to post it to get the word out....

"...just in case you haven't gotten the alert yet, NUTRO is recalling more of their cat foods -- all dry -- and whether or not you currently feed cats, you'll want to pass this on/crosspost as it will undoubtedly save precious lives. Please visit for listings and information on the recall."

This is also being posted in memory of Vickie's beloved cat, Cloe, who passed away today, (NOT from eating the recalled cat food)! Please call around and offer Vickie support. I'm sure she'll appreciate your thoughts.



  1. Awww Joann..thanks so much for your kindness and support with Cloe's passing. Your kindess and concern are like ointment to my wounded heart! Cloe, as you said, didn't eat the re-called cat food. My cats are (were) all on Evo by Innova. Misha passed last year and this year Agnes is the only remaining cat member of our family. She's only 3 so hopefully we have some good, long years left with her.

    Thanks again for your support.

    PS...did you see that I went to the post office yesterday :)

  2. I don't think I have to worry unless they recall prepared chickens, petite sea scallops or flounder, because those are Briege's foods of choice lately. ~Mary

  3. Sorry to hear about Vickie's cat. I don't worry too much about Possum as he turns his nose up at everything except steak, fish and french fries (yes, french fries!).

    I'm listening to Volver, Volver and it reminds me of singing that song with a Mexican couple at our former nightclub.

    We sang it in three part harmony and it was always fun.



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