Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the wagon, AGAIN!!!

The sugar wagon!! I've banned myself from eating sweets. I'm doing the South Beach eating plan. I wasn't going to post about it, but I have to.... I'm excited, and I'm doing well.... of course, it's ONLY my second day! But hey, I'm feeling REALLY good... good enough to stay pretty determined. Soooo, I'll probably post about my accomplishments and set backs for awhile, until I find something better to blog about. Sorry, I'll try hard not to bore you too much. LOL!!

I've been making the best dinners!! Of course, anything's really good when you're HUNGRY!!

I opened my front door this afternoon... and I SMELLED donuts!!! They smelled so good, but I'm ok, I don't need it.... I just came back in, grabbed a handful of delicious raw almonds, and I was set. = ) And I'm hoping that after a couple of weeks, the sugar cravings will subside, and I'll forget about missing it.

Thursday, I'm going to start my work-outs... I had to get over the 'weakness' hump first... you know, the one where you feel like you're gonna FAINT everytime you think of food, which for me, is ALOT!!! But I'm getting better at that, too!

Even my son is encouraging me.... he's actually eating what I make WITHOUT complaining that there's no pasta or bread with the meal. He just eats the protien and veggie dishes I prepare.... then goes out and buys a burger somewhere!!

Well, thanks for any encouragement you can send over, I'll appreciate it. = )



  1. you go girl! you can do this!! the South Beach Diet is a good one!! After a few days, you won't miss that sugar and you'll being feeling great!!


  2. Joann I think you are doing wonderfully well ~ to cut our bread and sugar ~ looking forward to keeping up with you and your diet :o)
    Had to laugh at your son going out and buying a Burger ~ Ally x

  3. My youngest lost a lot of weight on that diet and eats so much better now as he is maintaining the weight loss. There are really a lot of good things you will be able to eat after you get through the first phase. He does splurge occasionally but that is ok as 90% of the time he is good. I hope you have success too. Out of all the diets I've seen this one seems the most reasonable and healthy as I checked it out to make sure he was doing a healthy thing when he started it.

  4. Good for you! I actually started an eating plan like this in July. I read the Suzanne Somers book and gave up sugar, white flour, breads, rice & taters. It wasn't too difficult because you can still eat so much ~ just good stuff instead of junk!!! My body feels so much better. Good luck with the lifestyle change (I don't like the word diet!!)

  5. I have never opened my front door & smelled donuts, but then, I don't like donuts...
    I'm glad you are doing so well & feel so motivated. Keep us posted. ~Mary

  6. No idea what the south beach diet is...but if you feel you can live on it ....permanently.....you will do ok..That is the worst of diets they are all ok for a few weeks...I have to find one that I can use forever !!
    keep going Joann and keep us up to date.
    Love Sybil xx

  7. Writing about it will help you stay on track. Best of luck.

  8. You are a stronger person than I if there was a smell of donuts when I opened the front door. Actually I buy donuts for the people I work with every so often. Tim Horton's are simply the best of any national chain brand. Oh how I miss eating them. But let this be a warning to you, I'm diabetic. You don't want to end up like that JoAnn so when you want to give in to the cravings, think of how much I wish I could eat Tim Horton's donuts but can't...lol

  9. Well good for you and hang in there!! Wishing you the best of luck with your diet!!!


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