Sunday, October 5, 2008

I met LINDA, today!!!!

Linda and I spent a nice afternoon talking over an In-N-Out burger and a nice breeze.

I got to know alot more about who this beautiful lady is!! I also got to meet Bob and his daughter, very nice people, too. I have pics to share, but don't know how to do that here yet and the 'other place' isn't cooperating.

The first thing I noticed about Linda is her friendly smile... she's very warm, and we talked comfortably about our lives, past and present.

I think I forgot to tell Linda how beautiful both hers and Bob's eyes were.... eyes are not usually among the first things I notice, but it's hard NOT to see that they both have very nice smiling blue eyes.

I look forward to meeting her again soon... maybe after her cruise.



  1. yeah for you guys! I want to meet more fellow bloggers.

  2. love the cross graphic on your blog Joann! looking good!

    so glad you got to meet Linda! and at In-n-Out Burger; what a great place to do so!

    Hope we get to see pictures soon when you can :)


  3. That is so awesome that you had a good visit, I'm so happy for both of you. Your journal looks good must have figured things out? I love the cross picture.

    Love & Pooh Hugs,

  4. That is great that you met Lihda. She seems like such a nice lady.
    Take care, Chrissie

  5. It's great that you got to meet Linda! She wrote about it on her journal, too.

    Hugs, Beth

  6. I just commented over at your old AOL journal and saw the link to the blog and decided to follow over here to see what you might have here. :-)

    Since I already commented about Linda there, I won't repeat it here.


  7. How nice.. I don't think there is anyone around me with a blog. :( I'm had you met a good friend! Julie

  8. Glad that you were able to meet. Sounds like all of you had a wonderful time. I love what you have done with your blog-the layout and the colors.


    Welcome committee here lol!

    I just thought that I would welcome you to I too was once a AOL JLANDER but left in July before all this went down with AOL

    I find it sad but.. I think AOL has gone way down hill since I was on AOL from 2002 to 2007.

    Anyways welcome to the neighborhood!

    ~ Christopher ~

  10. I'm so glad you and Linda got to meet and had a great time. Glad you moved over to Blogger, too.


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