Saturday, October 25, 2008

YES, I CAN!!!!!

One thing I've looked for and haven't found here, is how to make the font bigger. I'd like everyone to read my blog comfortably without eyestrain... LOL!! Besides bigger is just better, it's expressive, like me!! = )

Well, I'm in my 12th day of the 14-day Phase 1 of the South Beach eating plan. I've done very well, have lost 10 pounds at last check (yesterday morning). And am very encouraged to go on to Phase 2, to keep the control I've gained over my snacking.

One change I will make though, is sugar. I know that's the main key here, but I really am not convinced that any of the artificial sweeteners out there are good for you. So I will continue to have sugar free gelatin snacks (and SF pudding snacks in phase 2) but I will allow myself a very small amount of sugar when I absolutely must (i.e., in coffee - I love the flavored creamers, but not the artificially sweetened ones.), however I am very determined to opt for NO sugar at all in most things. I think I've learned to do ok without any sweetener at all.

Phase 2 allows fruit, so I'm sure that I can substitute an apple or some melon for that fantastic looking chocolate cake someone will SURELY take into work next week, and that will take care of the sweet for me. I CAN BE STRONG!!

Phase 2 is designed to keep me on track until I reach my goal weight, which I think is quite possible, now... if I start falling again, I will start the 14 days of Phase 1 again, to gain the control.

I'm pretty comfortable that this is the plan that will work for me, because sugar is my weakness.... I do eat well, I mean, my main meals are healthful foods. I don't eat fried foods normally, and I don't put salad dressing on my salads, and I never use gravies, thick sauces, or sweets on my food.

It's the snacking and junk food that cause me grief. If I could just stay strong enough to ignore all the goodies around me like I have the last two weeks, I'd be ok... and I CAN!!

I HAVE to have that control... Have to just say NO!! Phase 1 of South Beach has helped me with that these past two weeks, and (say prayers that) I'll be just as successful on Phase 2 which is for an unspecified amount of time.... but it's ok, I CAN DO THIS!!!

I know the holidays will be harder, but I CAN DO IT!!

Today, I met a friend for and early morning walk and breakfast, I did very well.

This evening I'm going to a friend's birthday party... I know I'll have a glass of wine, but not sure what will be served yet, but I will stay in control... because I CAN!!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to a Tea, but I will fill up on soup, salad, and quiche (without the crust), and leave the goodies alone.... because I CAN!!!

Thanks for all the encouragement I've been getting from you... and know that YOU CAN TOO!!!!



  1. Great that South Beach is working for you!! Congrats on the weight loss!! That is FAN-TAS-TIC!!

  2. Joann, your loss so far sounds great! The best thing about the SBD is once you get passed the first few days most of that sugar has cleared your system and your cravings decrease. I know you CAN do the phase 2 easy cheesy! Keep going!

  3. That is great. It sounds like you're doing great.
    Take care, Chrissie

  4. I know you can, Joann, and I know you WILL!

    Just a question...would honey be a better sweetener than sugar? Like in your coffee?

    As for making the font bigger, when you do a new entry, you'll see T's right next to the font choice. You can click on that to make your text small, large, giganto, etc. ;)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Hugs, Beth

  5. Glad that the SBD is working for you.

    If you want all your entries to have the bigger font, go to your "settings", choose the Fonts & Colors Tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the selection box that starts with colors. At the bottom is the font selection setting for your layout. Hope that helps and good luck on both the blog and the SBD plan :o)

  6. I'm glad you are doing so well. My youngest son just lost 30 pounds on that diet this summer . He really has liked it and says it's taught them a healthier way to eat. They do spurge now and then, but nothing like they used to. He and his wife are both doing it. I think he's just maintaining now and exercising. 'On Ya' - ma

  7. YOU CAN! And I agree with you about artifical sweeteners, nasty stuff. I'm a sugar guy myself, a natural sweetener. Besides, it makes me a sweetheart.

    DB The Vag

  8. awesome on the 10 pounds gone Joann! that is great to hear and I KNOW YOU CAN KEEP DOING THIS!!! having a little more freedom on phase 2 will help you not get bored with it too; I think you are doing great!!!!!!!!!


  9. You're doing great! Keep it up! *M*

  10. You can do it!!!
    any chocolate that gets in your way just send to me, lol...
    Have a great day!

  11. Joann, I don't seem to have your email address anymore. I was going to respond to your last comment about the weather and offer to send you some snow. DB

  12. Congrats on the South Beach diet success!

    As for the font, I've seen where you can adjust the size of the font in the settings. Sorry, I'm not real good with this stuff.


  13. Congratulations hon on getting through Phrase 1. I believe you can do it, I believe in you. You've done a wonderful job and I'm proud of you. (Hugs)Indigo


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