Sunday, October 19, 2008

Right on track!!

I'm really trying to get around to some blogs, if I haven't made it to yours in the next few days, send me a link, please!?? I may have lost it.

I'm doing very well on South Beach, I'm finishing up my 7th day today!! I haven't cheated ONCE, not ONCE... although, I HAVE forgotten a few times... the first night (Monday) I drank a cup of Kool-Aid that my son made and served me, I downed it without thinking. Then Friday at the football game, someone gave me a bite sized 3 musketeers, so I opened it and took ONE bite and swallowed it before it clicked (actually someone reminded me)... I threw the rest away. I also went to a mexican restaurant over this past weekend in San Diego, THAT WAS HARD!!!! The ladies hand make the tortillas right in front of you... BUT I did NOT even taste one, however, I was SO focused on that and what I was going to order, that I instictively grabbed a chip loaded it with salsa and threw it in my mouth without thinking... oh well... it was the only one that got into my mouth... my order: a Chicken fajita salad... it's exactly what it sounds like... chicken fajitas, grilled onion, bell peppers, and mushrooms, thrown onto a bed of lettuce... it was really pretty good, too!! I WAS thinking for a short minute to share a margarita with a friend, but didn't. I did however, have a glass of wine later that evening.... darn, I guess I DID cheat... that one was totally intentional!! Well, it's the only time the whole week.

This past week was sure not easy... at work, people brought in a total of FOUR pies; a tub of cookies; bagels; muffins and danishes; and brownies!! Can you believe that... that's just ONE week!! NO WONDER it's so hard for me to lose!!

This week will be better, and after this week, I will have completed phase 1 of the South Beach eating plan... and on to phase 2.

However, I have to say life is very BLAND right now... NOTHING to look forward to... LOL!!!

Take Care,and Have a great week!!



  1. Hang tough, hon. It sounds like you're doing great despite all that evil temptation at work!

    It could be pretty tempting at the lab, especially around the holidays when people started bringing things in. I would indulge sometimes, but usually there was so much work to do that I didn't have TIME to go grab a snack in the office. I just worked worked worked, and if I had time to take lunch, I just wanted to get out of there and go eat my yogurt and cheese in peace and quiet! LOL

    Try not to fall prey to office eating--it's so easy, but really dangerous!

    Love ya,

  2. Hey! It sounds like you did GREAT on your diet! You go girl! And, when you catch up with blogs... you catch up! We'll be here!

    be well...

  3. i did south beach do lose a lot of is easier now as they have their prepackaged meals..
    how much have you lost so far??
    have a good can do this!!!!!

  4. That first two weeks requires a lot of focus. Good luck with your continued success.

  5. Well you are doing awesome considering all of the temptation you are around. Well done on the willpower! Wishing you good luck in the week ahead.

  6. You'll do just fine, Joann. Keep a balanced diet in amongst it all

  7. You're not cheating to bad. Enjoy your week. *M*

  8. I am the same way-I am eating before I think, instead of thinking before I eat. You can do it!!

    After Halloween, people at work will bring their left-over halloween candy. UGH!

  9. that South Beach diet is a good one! and you are right after you get through the first phase you can liberalize just a bit; I hear so many good success stories with it

    I think I know the restaurant you are talking about in San Diego; it is a good one; you did good if you avoided the tortillas!


  10. Sounds to me like some fairly nice cheating was going on. DB

  11. Isn't it amazing the food we pop into our mouth without even thinking?? I'm so proud of you, it sounds to me that you did fantastic...and NO WAY could I have thrown that candy bar out, YOU ARE MY HERO with that one!!!! :) Keep up the good work, never forget I'm cheering you on 1000%.

    Love & Pooh Hugs,

  12. sounds like your doing pretty good on your diet, keep it up! hope ur week is going well. hugs

  13. I am so proud of you Joann, keep it up! Here is my link to "I'm On A Mission".


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