Monday, February 2, 2009

My Superbowl Sunday!!

Did you watch the Superbowl??? Well, (unless you live in Arizona) this is probably what you saw.......

At the end of the 2nd quarter, the cardinals had the ball and the play was about 5 yards (or less) from the touchdown line.... do you remember that.... the score was Pitts 10 - Cards 7.

My numbers were Pitts 0 - Cards 4...... had the Cardinals made that touchdown, they'd have had 14 points.... meaning I would have won $500!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then stupid Steelers #92 took that ball away from them in the LAST 30 SECONDS of the quarter (or so) and ran it 100 YARDS to make a touchdown for the Steelers.


Sorry, I just haven't gotten over that, yet!!! My throat hurts from yelling at #92.

Just had to vent!!! Thanks for listening!!



  1. You are probably not the only one with a sore throat and an empty pocket over that game. I didn't watch but I know many did. Have a great Tuesday! 'On Ya'-ma

  2. Well they are called the "STEELERS" LOL. So sorry you lost!

  3. And this morning I find myself wearing the bracelet you gave me again :-) so I thought I'd stop by to check in. The stupid Steelers #92<~ THAT made me laugh! You stood by your team, that is for sure.

    I also just read the entry about your Dad...his postal career. ~sniffle~

  4. Poor you Joann, so close but not close enough! I bet you were hoping they would somehow call back that play. $500 would have come in handy for sure!!!


  5. I wanted the Cardinals to win too. Here are my 4 reasons; 4. Kurt Warner is a hunk 3. My high school's mascot is a Cardinal 2. Arizona is considered on the west coast & would only root for a west coast team. And the #1 reason I wanted the Cardinals to win~ KURT WARNER IS A HUNK! Sorry about the $500...Linda in foggy & cold Washington state

  6. I remember that play, Joann--I'm sorry it cost you a pretty decent payout! :(

    LOL at Linda's comment! I even remarked to Ken, "Warner IS a good-looking guy, isn't he?"

    Hugs, Beth

  7. Well Joann,
    I guess like the old saying goes: "gambling money ain't got no home"... lol
    Yeah I was yelling at the Steelers too. I wanted Kurt Warner to pull it out but alas, well, maybe next year...


  8. I didn't watch it.. I'm not into sports that much.


  9. Hey Hey Hey now.....the Steelers are my team!!! I have been a Steelers fan since I was little, the love is deep & true LOL.

    That's okay - I still love you!!! ;)

  10. Been there and it makes me angry that a fluke interception only happens when I will win if things remain status quo.



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