Sunday, February 8, 2009

Old Friends are back!!!

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I just found two new friends (AND a cousin) that I've been looking for, for MANY years!!! I found them on Facebook, but it wasn't easy!! I've been looking for them for a lot of years on Google, Facebook(way before I was on Facebook), old addresses, etc.

Well, I was going about it all wrong.... I finally wisened up and found them through their KIDS!!! You know, EVERY kid in the WORLD is on the World Wide Web SOMEWHERE!!!

Anyway, I sent out the messages to their kids last night, and had answers waiting for me this morning!!!

One is local, my friend, Cynthia, she called me about an hour ago, and we talked about how long it's been and about old times and we're meeting for dinner THIS WEEK!! It'll be so good to see her.

The other one, Maggie, (who is married to my cousin, Shookie) lives in New Jersey... I know it's weird that you'd lose contact with family, huh?! And I'm not sure HOW that happened, but you know, phone numbers change, and people move, and it just happened.

BUT I was able to find their KIDS!!! Hope to talk to them all on the phone soon, too!!! And, Hey, I've got new young friends on Facebook!!! LOL!!!

OK, so now I just have one last one that I've been looking for, again, for years.... guess I'm just not good at keeping in touch, huh?!?!? These were all very good, very close friends at one time. This last one didn't have any kids... so I'm on my own, here!!

Have a blessed week!!!



  1. That is wonderful it worked out for you, LOL. Glad you are enjoying getting reacquainted!

  2. I guess I have to stop disrespecting Facebook since once in a while something good happens on there it seems :-0. I just couldn't get into that or MySpace, but I am very glad you found your friends & your cousin.
    Thank God I didn't have kids so no one can find me!~says your antisocial blogger/friend.

  3. That's great, Joann! It's amazing the connections you can find there. Very fun!

  4. I'm enjoying Facebook myself and I've ran across a few long lost friends as well. Good for you!


  5. Very happy to hear you've reconnected with some old friends, Joann. The Internet can be very useful for that sort of thing.

  6. Cool! I got back in touch with my elementary and high school music teacher. She was one of my favorite people!

  7. You are quite the clever little detective finding them through their kids. Well done and I'm happy you've reunited with special people in your life.


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