Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

Thanks, Sugar for the beautiful graphic!!

I want to wish all the fathers (& stepfathers) out there a very Happy Father's Day!! I also would like to wish any mothers who are also fathers in the lives of their children, a Happy Father's Day, too!!! (I KNOW the struggles we face being BOTH parents to our kids!! And you all deserve this special day, too!!)

I hope you all spend the day doing whatever it is that makes you happy!! I pray that you have a blessed day full of joy!!

My son is spending the weekend with his dad, right where he should be. And I will go with my mom today and visit my dad and leave flowers!

If you don't have your dad with you anymore, visit with him if you can, even if it's just in your bedroom for a private moment.... tell him Happy Father's Day!! You'll feel good for having told him.

Enjoy your day,



  1. You know I am not "graphic-y" but I love that one. Hope you have a good day & cherish great memories. ~Mary

  2. Thanks for the wishes ... be well!

  3. that was a nice entry, Joann; I hope your son enjoys his time with his dad, and you are right, it is where he should be; I'm glad that Chris' dad decided to be a part of his life and be there for him, a lot of dads decide not to. and kudos to you raising Chris, I know it is a struggle being a single mom. I hope you and your mom enjoy your time together today!


  4. I spent the day with my brother, sister in law, two of my nieces and families. My dad passed away in 1990 and my nieces of course remember him & my mom but we had a special time today where they asked some questions and my brother & I shared some of our memories with them. We had a blessed time telling them things about their grandpa that they hadn't known before. My dad & mom left a wonderful legacy. We are all blessed by their lives.

  5. I miss my Dad and wish he were here.


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