Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Story of Perfect Timing

My son is 19 years old, I don't normally tell him who to hang out with anymore. He usually picks good people for friends. But once in a while, a parent still have to set boundaries, when you see something that is NOT good for them.

Thank God for His blessings and guidance!!

About a month ago, I had to restrict my son from a friend he'd been hanging out with for a few months. This person was NOT good for my son to be around, this friend was leading my son away from the good, happy person he normally is.

I prayed on the whole situation, and waited for the right time. I wanted God to lead my actions, so that my son would not rebel. I mean, this person had turned into his best friend almost over night... how could he just STOP seeing this person!!

One Friday afternoon, after I found that Chris had lied to me a second time, (both times involving this same friend), I told him that was it!! This 'friend' was not allowed at our home, and Chris was NOT to see him again, at all. Chris didn't even argue, he just said 'OK'. (I was really prepared for a big arguement... LOL!!)

Now, I realize that I can't watch his every move, I can't be with him all the time, he's on his own most of the time, so I had to set some severe consequences for him.

Well, that Friday night, it happened that Chris was going out with another friend of his that he's known for quite awhile, to a party where all Chris's old friends were going to be. Those friends intervened (on my behalf, without even knowing it), they told Chris that this person (the one I'd restricted him from) was NOT COOL, that they did NOT like that person, and that they did not want that person around. They were just accepting him, because of Chris.

Talk about God's perfect timing.... WOW!!!! With his old friends confirming what I'd just told him that very same day.... he has NOT seen this friend again.

Chris, at first, was making up excuses not to see this person when he'd call, then just told him straight out he didn't want to go out whenever he'd call, and now won't even answer this other person's calls anymore... that person hardly ever calls anymore, really.

Thank you, Lord!! Thank you for taking care of YOUR SON!!! Thank you for always watching over him, when I can't!! Thank you for making him the wonderful person he is.

A few weeks ago, Chris started going back to church on his own. I never bug him about it, it has to be his decision. He doesn't go with me on Sundays, (well, I do ask that he go FOR ME on Mother's day and my birthday which he does.) but he goes to his age appropriate church groups on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I'm just so grateful to have God's blessings in our lives. And I wanted to share with you what amazing things He can do, like handle situations for you that you might not be able to, otherwise.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and that you'll enjoy a great week ahead.



  1. amen, amen, amen, amen and AMEN! thank you Joann for sharing this!!! that is such an awesome testimony about the Lord and his work in Chris' life!! and because you prayed and you waited and you trusted and you believed God would answer your prayers!! awesome!! and I love that you gave the glory to God and thanked him. I get a bit upset at times when people have a prayer answered and never thank God for it; they thank friends who pray for them but never thank the one who answered their prayer. So I think its awesome you thanked the Lord!

    awesome that Chris is going to church too!!!!!!! that is just great

    mine hasn't quite gotten there yet (to go back to church) but I keep praying and least he knows who the Lord is and prays at I'll just wait

    I'm so happy for you both!!!!!!!



  2. God is good. It's hard to remember to turn our kids (no matter what their age) over to the God that loves them more than we do. My son has gone thru those times when he was hanging out with guys that I knew were not good for him to be with. It's very scary but I prayed, just like you did and eventually he saw the light. I'm thankful he's been back in church now for about 6 years and dating a Christian gal. It's tough being a mom....Linda in WA

  3. I really can hardly add any more than Betty and Linda have said. Oter than I am so proud of YOU. as well of course of Chris. You are a wonderful Mother and our Lord will be so pleased about that as well.
    (I do love that photo of you and Chris)

    Much Love Sybil xxx

  4. I'm so glad that all turned out well for your son. Too bad his friends didn't say something sooner, but at least you did. We are still mom's no matter how old they get. I pray alot even though they are all grown and on their own. Wonderful story you shared with us.

  5. got to ask....
    what was wrong with his friend or what was his actions that nobody like that dude?
    Well anyway alls well that ends well!

  6. I am so glad that everything worked out well for you and Chris ~ and that Chris is back with his old friends ~ Ally x

  7. I am reading this as I sit outside, taking deep breaths as I am letting Mia cry inside. Being a parent is so hard, and doing what we know is best for them really stinks! I guess we are walking down the same road, just different circumstances. Mia is going through a phase where I can't even walk in another room without her crying. My pediatritian says that I HAVE to stop picking her up, and let her learn to self soothe. This is torture! Your son sounds like an amazing young man! I know you must be proud... And relieved!!! Thank you, Lord!!

  8. I'm so glad that Chris was able to get away from what was apparently a bad influence in his and others' lives. That has to be a huge burden off of your shoulders, and I'm sure it's good to know that you weren't the "bad guy" in the situation--his friends confirmed your feelings! Hugs, Beth

  9. Whew... I'm happy for the both of you! I'm so glad he has good friends who cares about him as well! Good timing is right! Hugs - Julie

  10. Hi Joann,
    Whew ... at first when I read your entry it seemed a bit suspicious that Chris would simply say "OK" when you told him his new "best friend" was off limits. But, thank God, the combination of you and all of his other friends did the trick. I'll bet that deep down, Chris knew this guy was bad news all along ... he just needed a gentle nudge. It sounds like you handled a delicate situation in just the right way.

  11. What a great uplifting story. I'm so happy for you that it didn't turn into a big battle. I praise your mothering skills, you sound like such a cool mom.

  12. Good for you! We had a similar situation---but it wasn't pretty.

  13. Glad things worked out for the best, good parenting goes a long way :o)

  14. Things have a way of working out and I defintely believe there's a plan. Congrats on your timing and a tip of the hat to the big guy!


  15. I love the evidence of God's perfect timing. :) Glad that Chris was willing to listen to what you and his friends had to say (though he may have already begun to realize it himself). God is Good!

  16. If God is with you, who can be against you? AWESOME!


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