Sunday, November 2, 2008

I need help again....

Can anyone tell me how to put a playlist on my blog?!?! I got my playlist together, but can't get the correct code to put it on my blog. I love checking out everyone's playlist and decided I'd like to have one too... I hope I can do it!! I really don't know WHAT I'd do without you all!!

And thanks to Ma, and all the others who offered a link to Dad's Tomatoe Garden Journal.



  1. Joann, I'll tell you about mine, with one request. Please choose one that doesn't play unless you hit play! Or one that has a pause button. There are times when I'm listening to something else, and I find it frustrating to have two things playing at once!

    I got mine at You can put 45 songs on a list, and they seem to have a pretty wide selection. It will give you an embed code to put your playlist on your blog, and when in customize, you add a gadget, then add HTML and paste in the code. VoilĂ ! There may be better ones out there, so go exploring and see which one you like best.

    Love, Beth

  2. I think Beth covered it quite well!!!

  3. Looks like you got it covered. Hope you had a good weekend. Linda

  4. Looks like you don't need help afterall! :) Julie

  5. I see your music is working! you did it!!! and you didn't even need my help (LOL, I haven't tried to add music yet; good song list too!)

    enjoy your week ahead


  6. Guess you got it :) *M*


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