Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Yorba Linda fire is now into Diamond Bar.

Diamond Bar, California is less than 10 minutes away from me... you can read here about the fires at the link provided. I believe there are pics too.

We are safe, here, but the smell of fire is strong and the air quality is so bad that most of the city was pretty quiet today, because most people are staying indoors. I did see some people walking around with those little paper masks over their nose and mouth. The air is gray and thick.

The firefighters are doing all they can to keep the fires away from homes, and when they lose some, it's personal for them... they are really working hard, and they are exhausted!!

My eyes and lungs are burning just a bit way over here, but I feel it... I can only imagine how they feel!!

Please say a prayer for them, they are working so hard for us!!

Google is getting just as bad as AOL.... AGAIN you can't leave comments, so sorry. Nothing I do in customizing the comment box is working... Grrrr!!!! Well, no worries, just say prayers for the firefighters, that's all I'm asking right now.