Sunday, November 9, 2008

Comment Responses & 6 things about me

I am enjoying the most BEAUTIFUL BLUSTERY day we've had in a LONG time!!!

I want to first say that I don't know how to respond to the comments left here, except to e-mail you... and that could take forever!! So here's my responses to the comments on my last post:

Sugar: Thanks for letting me know I'm NOT the only one totally lost here... there ARE others. And I LOVE the song we BOTH have on our playlist.

Estela & Traci: Was thinking of you both when I put my playlist at the top of the page... = )

Lynne: I AM blessed, thank you. And I think your blogs are beautiful!!

Friedmsw: Thanks so much for the compliment.. you're wonderful!!

Gem: Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful words of encouragement!

Missy: Thanks for tagging me, I FINALLY thought of 6 things... that posts is below!

JosephAnn: Thank you!

Jimmie: Thanks, Jimmie... I love the songs on your playlist too, especially, have always loved Europa!!

Linda: Welcome Home!! Thanks for the beautiful Card!!

Lisita: I finally had my son put my playlist on for me, he did it so fast, I didn't see how he did it.... but if he can help you, let me know.


Now for the 6 things about me (tagged by Missy)

1) I hate shopping (at the mall), football, and hip hop!!

2) I love yard sales, windy days, and football pools!! LOL!!!

3) I hate to paint, I have to paint a couple of rooms in my mom's house and I'd really rather just hire someone to do it, but don't have time, because the cabinet installers with be here this week.

4) I gave up COFFEE, one of my favorite drinks in the whole world, because Jesus told me to!!

5) I almost NEVER follow a recipe... it's VERY RARE that I do. I'll usually glance at the ingredients and decide for myself what I'll actually put into it. And I'll almost never go to the store for something I don't have for it, I'll make do with whatever I have, often substituting ingredients... LOL!! It usually works out just fine!!

6) (thinking... thinking... still thinking) I am on a FOUR day weekend... I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday!! LOL!!! HOWEVER, I'll most likely be PAINTING... UGH!!

Love you all,


  1. these were cute to read! I'm with you on hip-hop! good for you giving up coffee! always good to obey the Lord :)

    enjoy your long weekend!!!!!


  2. just stopping by to say hi, wishing you a good week

  3. Love your list. I don't drink coffee very often and when I do, it's always decaf. Dr. Pepper/Pepsi are my downfalls. I actually like to paint. I just don't like taking down all the stuff on the walls. And moving the furniture around. I haven't been to the Tacoma Mall since the shooting there in November of 2005. And most most hip hop is icky. Enjoy your days off even if you do have to paint. Linda in WA

  4. I'm with you about painting....HATE IT! Actually, I hate chores in general and if I ever win the lottery, I'm hiring a live in maid & handyman. Marv is always quick to point out that won't work unless I start buying lottery tickets! LOL! I KNEW there was a reason I didn't win ;)
    I love to shop but can't physically do it anymore which is a great thing for our budget....until I learned about all the great things you can buy on line!! Hehehe.

    Reading your answers was fun.

    Love & Pooh Hugs,

  5. I'm not big on shopping either! Mostly because I never have any money to spend!

  6. Congrats on the four day weekend!! That is great! You don't like football, but you like football pools! Now, that one is a mystery to me! LOL

  7. I loved your list..i might do this although i am sure everyone kows pretty much everything about me...LOL
    I am clueless as how to respond to comments too!
    have fun painting (sarcasm) ;-)

  8. My sister also "mixes it up" with recipes, substituting like noone's business. I can't cook that way, but I am impressed by those who can. At best, I leave out non-crucial ingredients, like onions, that Paul or one of the kids don't like. :)

  9. Cool stuff about you :)

    Keep a check on your spam folder for comments as well, I get a lot in mine.

    My e-mail is in my profile if you need to send me one. I hate posting it in comments because it shows up all over GOOGLE when I do.


  10. thanks for sharing! i hope you have a great week. hugs

  11. Hey Joann!!! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I didn't have music...I do!!! I just didn't know how to make my margins bigger or wider.. but I figured that out also... Thanks though... I appreciate it!! Lisa

  12. I've been on decaf for years with American coffee but I have to have my Cuban coffee straight.


  13. Hi Joann, Love your blog too and enjoyed reading the top six about you. I am #1 and #3 for sure on your list, LOL. But give up coffeeeeeee????? Actually, if I do drink it - I have one cup a day. I need to give up soda. That's my huge vice right now....sigh. Any tips, LOL???

  14. Enjoyed your list. There are a lot of things I cook for which I don't follow any recipe, but for other things I stick to the recipe religiously! lol

  15. I didn't see the post a comment button on your current entry but wanted to tell you what a beautiful kind gesture that was!! I can guarantee you that that man and his wife will be talking about the beautiful young lady that helped them out for days!! more of us need to do rendom acts of kindness like this...bless you!!

  16. I couldn't find a comment button above. That was very nice of you to help that man like you did! (((HUGS))) -Missy

  17. Enjoyed your list ~ and I couldn't find anywhere to comment on your recent entry ~ but I thought it was lovely of you to stop and take that man home and you got the chance to meet his wife she sounded awesome ~ they now have a friend in you ~ Ally x

  18. Joann, I wanted to comment on the post you did today about helping the little old man get home, but there's no comment link to that post, so I'm commenting about it here. That was so kind and thoughtful of you, and I know he and his wife appreciated it so much. I hope you are able to lend them a hand again, and you will benefit from it as much as they, won't you?

  19. For some reason the comment button is missing on the first entry where you helped the man with his groceries.... How wonderful are you!! Brought tears to my eyes....
    and on to this entry... I finally adjusted the comments in the dashboard so I get alerts in email and then I can reply to everyone... and I love your songs on playlist too... I still haven't figured it out yet and have to click on everything to I find the button to put in songs, lol....
    oh and I think I read in the other entry that you have a four day weekend for Thanksgiving... I am so jealous, lol.... I'll be with the crazy people that are shopping.... :)

  20. Hi Joann. I just read that entry about helping the old man with the groceries. I don't see a place to leave a comment after it, so I'm leaving one here. That was a very loving thing to do for that fellow. And now you have some new friends. One day last winter I was struggling to get across a busy street. There was a traffic guard, who helps the kids going back and forth to school, to cross that road. There were no kids around, but when she saw me she stepped out onto the street with her stop sign and halted the traffic for me. My friend Marti, who is probably 15 years younger said I must have felt ashamed. I said, on the contrary, I thanked her and held up my head with pride and gratitude that she would care about a senior citizen in that way. DB


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