Thursday, January 15, 2009

DB posed a Winter Quiz question

Above is a link to his journal.

He asked
What one person, living or not, would you most like to have dinner with?
What is the first question you would ask them?

I'm assuming he means someone famous, not someone like my dad or grandmother who have passed on but would still be my first choice! = )

I guess the famous ones for me would be either Princess Diana or Gene Kelly!! I don't know WHAT I'd ask them, but they just seemed like such NICE people. They're both gone, but hey I've got just about the same chance to have dinner with them as I would my living choices, like Kenny Chesney or Derek Jeter, right!?!?

But I could think of ALOT of famous people I'd like to talk with over dinner... people that I could have real conversations with and not just google over and stare at during the entire dinner (although, I COULD stare at Kenny and Derek for HOURS without complaint!!!)

I understand (from a friend who knows first hand) that Cher is a very attentive dinner partner, she's real, and very intelligent. I'd probably ask her specifically about her days with Sonny.

Charles Stanley would be an interesting conversationalist, I think. I'd have ALOT to ask him, he seems to be able to answer ANY question based on biblical principles and he always makes sense.

Then there are some people from the history books... like King Solomon, Abe Lincoln, and the guys who were in the battlefield when the famous Christmas Truce took place.

I guess there are alot of others I could think of .... but I have to get up in the morning!!

OH, BTW, I'm sorry that I've fallen behind on blog reading, my computer was down for a couple of days, but I'll be catching up this weekend.

Good Night!



  1. Morning, That is an interseting question that would be hard to repliy to as I think it would all depend on how we were feeling at a certain time....I have had the pleasure of meeting with Princess Diana so had a conversation with her !!
    As a christian I think I woud like to have a conversation with a prominet jewish preacher as I have so many questions I would like them to answer.. all begining with why Don't you ???? LOL
    Love Sybil xx

  2. There are so many that I change my mind every time I hear anyone talking about this. I'd like to spend some time with Geoffrey Chaucer to find out how he would have finished The Canterbury Tales.

  3. Very cool post! I would love to talk to Laura Ingalls Wilder. Or my Great-great-great grandparents. I'm fascinated with that time period.

  4. hi there.
    guess my 1st choice would have to be Jesus.
    as to the quesion, think i'd just enjoy hearing Him talk.
    & since the orig question didn't specify famous or not, think my next choices would be my son & ask him WHY? then my mom to just hear her voice again.
    have a good wkend.

  5. Wow.. I think I would like to have dinner with my brother who passed away before I was born. I don't know what the conversation would be like, (he was only 4 when he died) but may be would could go out to Chuckie Cheese. I've been always fascinated by him-mostly because our baby pictures look identical and I grew up hearing, "You look like your brother Edwin."

  6. I would choose God. There is so much I want to know!



  8. That was a fun question that he posed, Joann. I chose Barack Obama, considering the world problems we have and my interest in politics.

    Hugs, Beth

  9. I liked reading your answers Joann and your reasoning behind them; all would make great dinner companions; get them all together and what a dinner party that would be!

    sorry about the computer problems :(

    enjoy our nice weather and your weekend!


  10. There are so many people that I can think of. It would be a huge gathering and I wouldn't get a chance to really talk in depth with any of them. I did have lunch with John Wayne when I was 13...but I was too young & tongue tied to ask him any intelligent questions. Have a good weekend. Bob is there in Pasadena & telling me it's very warm. Linda in cold & foggy Washington state

  11. I love your choices and I would be willing to say alot of them would be included on my list too. I really like Cher alot and of course Jeter...well yeah, he wouldn't even need to open his mouth ;)

    My pick would be Elvis. Just because he is, well, Elvis.


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