Monday, January 19, 2009

My latest find

My dad was a mail carrier all my life... well, until he retired when I was in my late 20's.

Today, I was browsing through an antique shop near my home, when I saw something that took my breath away for a split second.... I saw the post office uniform patch that my dad wore when I was little. I had to have it. It was an emblem of happiness to me, it made me smile... it almost made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of running out the front door to greet my dad when he came home from work every day... he'd scoop me up and give me kisses and say "How's my girl?".

On February 1, 1965, they started wearing this new patch (when I was 2, so it's the only patch I really remember well), the direction of the horse and rider on the sleeve patch was flipped to face forward (left), and the center background of the patch changed to blue.

This one is pre-1965. I remember it, but only vaguely, because my dad had a few of the old uniforms left over.

This patch is VERY RARE.... I only found ONE on e-Bay and it was $50.... I'll have to pass for now!!

Funny, how silly things like a uniform patch can have such an impact, huh?!?! I NEVER thought about it until I saw it in that antique shop, today!! But when I did, it was almost like seeing my dad again!!



  1. That is so neat that you found that patch. My daddy is so special to me too.


  2. Wonderful memories for you Joann!!

    My dad owned and operated a local tavern from 1956-2006 until he retired. I remember waking up at midnight when he got home and I would help him sort his coins. In the 60's, when all silver coins started being phased out, my dad started stashing them away.

    Fast forward to last and my 4 siblings received $24.50 in asst. coins from our dad. That is just the face value of them, it's probably not much more, but the memories of counting those coins...nickles, dimes, quarters! Each of us even got a Silver Dollar from the 1880's!!

    Thanks for the memories!

    Estela in South TX

  3. It's like a little message from your Dad there. Saying he's thinking of you. I don't think things like that happen without a reason. Shortly after my Mom passed away I found a rose cologne that so reminded me and the name of it was her name also. Now when I wear it I really feel close to her. I try to keep a bottle on hand always. 'On Ya'-ma

  4. Joann,

    As you say, the smallest thing can cause memories to come flooding back.

  5. this was interesting to read, Joann; I can understand what that emblem/uniform meant; daddy's home and all is well :)

    glad you found it! I hope in the future you have the means to get the other emblem too to make your collection complete with them :)


  6. Hi Joann, I am so happy for you tahtyo saw that little patch. I can well understand the feelings you have for it.
    I have had a good afternoon here watching the TV. with your new President. It has been truly a wonderful experience. I wish him every blessing, he is going to need it in the months ahead as he tries to turn the US away from the brink...he sure will need everyones help. strating with Love One Another.
    Love Sybil xx

  7. What lovely memories they brought back for you ~ Ally x

  8. what a wonderful story Joann!
    I am so sorry that he is gone

  9. That's cool, Joann--I hope you can find a reasonable price on one of the rare ones!

  10. Aw...what a sweet memory! I always remember him when I smell shaving lotion. My mom always made sure he shaved. Julie

  11. That is a great story! I'm so glad you got to see that and buy it. Isn't it wonderful when we see something that brings a loved one back to us so forcefully?

  12. The last gift I gave my dad when he was alive was a Chicago Cubs ball cap. I still have it and whenever I look at it or when I see someone with the big C on their hat, I think of my dad. I wasn't much of a baseball fan. But ever since the last few years of his life, I've been a fan of the Cubs. Funny how little things trigger such emotional ties to our loved ones and our past. Enjoy those memories Joann, when you keep them alive, they can last a lifetime.


  13. Oh, Joann, that's a great discovery.

    When I was in school I worked part time as a night watchman. We carried thick round clocks strung over our shoulders. There was a paper wheel inside slowly turning, one revolution per 24 hours. The clock had a large key hole in the side. When you got to a station there was a small black bok on the wall, with a lid and a key inside. You put the key in the key hole and turned it and it recorded that you were at that spot at that moment of the day or night. One day, many years later, I saw one of those little boxes with the key still in it on a table in an antique shop with a price tag on it. That's the moment I first realized that I was an antique.

  14. Joann, We have so much in common! My dad was also a mailman most of my life. What I remember is waking up early to have breakfast with him (he left so early in the morning). I'd eat with him and then go back to bed for another hour or so.
    It is so heart warming to find things that give us a burst of "happy" from times past.

  15. That is cool you found the patches. I can see why that would have taken you to another place in time. It's the smallest things that sometimes give us the most emotional impact.

    Sounds like your dad was a wonderful daddy to you the way he would scoop you up in his arms. You are so lucky to have had that.


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