Friday, January 2, 2009

I need your expertise!!!

I have a favorite sweater that I splattered grease on, and I can't get it out!!

Usually baby powder works well for me, I pat on the baby powder immediately, it soaks up the grease, and washes right out.... but it didn't work this time.

I've tried dishwashing detergent, and Shout.... nothing's working.

Does anyone have any other suggestions... I dry the sweater flat, so it hasn't been through the dryer.

HELP!! Do you know any special tricks???



  1. Joann, I can't think of anything other than what you've tried, but try googling grease stain removal, and you should be able to find something there!

  2. I'm with Beth, try Google & see what they say. I got a theater popcorn butter stain on some slacks (their bag leaked) and I tried everything. One thing I found out then was that some of the so called "stain removers" do not always remove stains but they can set them so that nothing else you try will remove the stain. Let us know the outcome...Linda in WA

  3. Soda water worked for me when I worked at KFC. Just let it set for a while and throw it back in the wash. You may want to scrub the spot a little bit before you throw it in the washer.


  4. Murphy's Oil Soap usually does the trick. I found out when I was taking painting classes that it even takes out oil paints. Good luck
    'On Ya'-ma

  5. I wish I knew how to help you. I've had the same problem...I'm reading your comments.. Looks like some have good ideas! There is still hope! :) Julie

  6. you'll have to let us know what you used and if it worked!

  7. I'm with the others on googling it but I would maybe suggest using Dawn. Depending on the fabric - I know you had tried dish soap but I didn't know if it was Dawn.

    Wishing you luck with it - how frustrating!

  8. Is your sweater suitable for ironing? If so, do so with some absorbent paper underneath.

  9. well, I've had to do some things on the fly and one thing I tried that worked for a stain on my shirt was covering the spot with some hydrogen peroxide and after it soaked in, scrub it good and then let it dry. Don't know if that will help, but I hope it does...

  10. google "linda cobb...the Queen of clean...her tips rangege from talcum pwder to wd-40 (which I hear works quite well) good luck!



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