Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've been ROBBED!!

BY TECHNOLOGY!!! Technology has robbed me of my FAMILY!!!

My son plays video games all evening, as I sit here and blog or bid on e-bay!!

My fault I know, we're both addicted to these things, and there's not much I can do about it, anymore... he's not a kid that I can just make turn the TV off, and say, "Let's get out of here!"... unless I bribe him with a Starbucks!!! Hmmmm!!!

Hey, I just asked him if he wants to go have some coffee, he said YES!!! I told him that we're going to have it THERE, he said "That's cool!"

BUT FIRST.... I just felt an EARTHQUAKE!!! We just had a 5.0 Magnitude earthquake, in San Bernadino county somewhere, I think!!



  1. That's just the way the world works now. As long as all parties are happy and healthy .. GAME ON! And BLOG ON! For that matter lol.

    Glad you're okay from the earthquake. *M*

  2. An earthquake ! I missed another one. Everytime we cross the CA/OR border I think to myself "self you were just in CA and there was no earthquake." Well,I hope no one was hurt. I'm sure we'll hear about it on the news. Have fun at Starbucks. Have a grande,non-fat, decaf, hot carmel macchaito (sp?), no whip for me. Linda in soggy Washington state

  3. By the way, what do you look for on eBay. I've been buying & selling there for many years now. Going to do some more re-listing tomorrow. Linda

  4. wow Joann are you okay?
    (I look around; startled...)
    sheesh! the title scared the tar out of me!
    Wow! Actually my kid thinks that technology is taking away our community's desire to reach out and communicate with each other..
    One of my other kids thinks that it only changes the way we communicate so that we call, text and email each other more!
    Very interesting topic hmmmmm...
    I may need to reflect on that!:):)
    then you thought of a way to make him talk to you!
    brilliant! genius!
    I love you!

  5. We are the same over here! Only there are four of us! 5.0 is a pretty good sized earthquake. I'll have to go check the www.earthquakes/ site.

  6. I felt the earthquake! I was working and heard the rumble and thought, what is that, and then I thought "earthquake" and sure enough heard it on the news! glad you are safe!

    we're the same way here with technology; I think if you can make sure you have dinner without it, like no watching TV during dinner and schedule a movie or something out but I know what you mean, I'm journals, my hubby's TV and son is a bunch of things but all technology


  7. That was a scary thing for you and I hope you got out for your coffee. Taking time to do something with your son is a good way to break the technology habit. Too much of anything is not supposed to be good for us.

  8. Sad to say it sounds like alot like hubby and I. I am on my laptop in the living room and he is in the office on his computer. When the power was off the other day we didn't bother to turn on the generator so we were talking and we both said how nice it was to just talk to each other without the tv or computers...what does that say?

    Something wierd is going on with all these earthquakes!! I've been reading about Yosemite and we've had 4 here (and we never have earthquakes!) and now you had one!!!! I'm just glad you are okay and no damage was done.

    Glad to hear you had a good time with your son and he didn't leave you for his buddy!!!

  9. I didn't hear anything about an earthquake....
    and yes here I am on this computer and the boys on the game computers.... but every so often they yell, Mom we're hungry, lol....

  10. When we were at Applebee's tonight, we saw a little girl who was maybe 8 years old texting at the table with her family.

    Sorry, but there is no reason for an 8 year old to be texting during dinner! Glad you were able to have a chat with your son and not be interrupted!

    Hugs, Beth

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